Below are just a few of the great reviews that have been left by audiences of Into the Drift's live performances.  If you've enjoyed one of our recent performances, please don't hesitate to let us know!  We appreciate all of your feedback - this says it all!  Comments are welcome at

Here is a wonderful article detailing some of the history of Dave & Laurel Doucet and their travels.  This was published recently in The Spokesman-Review and written by Terrence Vent. Thank you for the feature story, Terrence!  

Into the Drift was also written about in a fantastic blog by Amy French on Entertainers Worldwide.  This site is a valuable tool for connecting musicians and entertainers with opportunities. Thank you, Amy!


- "I heard a lot of great feedback from the staff and our guests from that night!!!  Great job!"  - Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

- "They deliver a crisp, clean sound on the stage and their musical talents are seasoned.  I would book this group in the future." - Coeur D'Alene Casino Resort

- "Their musical repertoire is huge, covers a very wide and fun variety of styles and always keeps people dancing all night."  - Curley's Hauser Lake

- "They are the best in the fleet and work incredibly well... worth their weight in gold!"  - Cruse Director, M.V. Ventura, P&) Cruises, Carnival UK

- The band “Into the Drift” is the best of all!  So much talent for just two people – outstanding!  -Charlotte

- In 18 – 20 years of cruising – the best band yet!  Willing to meet audience, they have made us fans.  I hope they will still be available for our next Norwegian cruise, because their presence will determine our destination! –David

-These two are phenomenal entertainers and the best talent and music on the entire cruise!  Needless to say, we took home their CD and memories of them.  God bless them in their dedication and hard work to deliver joy, harmony and musical energy and the very best to music lovers of all eras! –Karen

- This duo is loaded with talent beyond the norm!!  …And have great rapport with guests.  What a treat to be able to experience their incredible talent night after night.  –Cynthia

-Into the Drift were “the best musical act from any cruise we’ve done.  A-MAZ-ING!” – Nigel and Christa
- We have enjoyed them tremendously and look forward to seeing them again when we next cruise.  Not only do they play good music, they mingle really well with passengers and “fit in” just about anywhere you put them.  Please pass on our thanks for their entertainment.  – Shirley and Michael
-Just wanted to let you know that Into the Drift were a highlight of our recent Cruise.  Loved all of your extensive song list, and the encore with "Purple Rain" brilllllliant. Look forward to seeing you both again on another cruise. - Harry and Penny

- LOVED the band Into the Drift – best band I’ve ever heard!  – Gary

- Both my husband and I would faithfully follow this duo around to wherever they would be playing each evening.  Laurel has an amazing voice and Dave is a guitar wizard!  We looked forward each day to listening to this very talented duo.  – Judith

- Saw you on the Ventura and guys are legen...wait for it....dary!!!!

-Wonderfully talented duo, with an amazing variety of music.  With her amazing voice and his fantastic guitar playing, you don’t get much better.  They connected with the audience, encouraging people to dance.  Great performers.  – Barbara and Tony

- Wow WOW! WOW!! I thought you were both absolutely great.  You work so well together and your choice of songs was always spot on.  I was transfixed by Dave's sheer brilliance. I know it must have taken years to reach that level but he is a magician on his guitar. I would book another cruise just to listen to you both again. So thank you very much. Best Wishes, Richard

- Amazing – personable and fully talented duo -  Honestly, after 30 cruises – some of the best music we’ve ever heard!  - John & Sheree

-Excellent musicians and always willing to spend time talking to us on their breaks.  Always accommodated requests with a really enthusiastic and cheerful approach.  Best entertainers on the boat!  - Richard

-Best music on board, Into The Drift!


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