Into the Drift - Promotional Video Demos

A fun night with a full dance floor on the Norwegian Sun.  Into the Drift performs a night of Eagles music, and this is what always happens!  Enjoy "Heartache Tonight", Into the Drift style.

Into the Drift performing Tina Turner's "The Best" on board the Norwegian Getaway, 2017.  

Piano and guitar rendition of Bette Midler's "The Rose, in the Sugarcane Lounge on Norwegian Getaway.  

Into the Drift performing on the P&O Ventura in the Tamarind Club, November 2013.  Selections include songs from The Pretenders, Pink, Eagles, Alanah Myles, and more

"Landslide", a live performance of a classic from Stevie Nicks, recorded live during Into The Drift's Fleetwood Mac tribute set, on the Norwegian Sun. 2015